During a few days earlier this year (April 24–27) I rode my bike. You decided how far I needed to go.

42 people challenged me
ride a total of 796 km.
I covered 703 km.

I had to bail out on the last day after 103km and a crash in heavy rain.
Of course I honored the donations and completed the remaining distance
once I recovered a bit a few days later. Here's how it all happened:



The »That's cute« Package 
For nice and decent people. This added 2 km.
Voted on 17 times. Thank you!

The »Take it easy« Package
This added 10 km. For everyone who kind of dislikes me. Voted on 22 times. Thank you!

The »Seriously?« Package
Ugh! This added another 50 km to the schedule. 
Voted on 3 times. Thank you!

Pro tip: The Mordor Package.
This donation added massive 300 more kilometers to the schedule for 500 EUR.
That's it. Designed for someone with a big heart and a desire to see me suffer.
Voted on 1 time. I'm still lost for words ... thank you!



April 27

Michael added 2x 2 km from Germany (“Hau di nai!”).

April 26

Anonymous added 300 km (“Thought you had it easy this weekend…”).
Nikola added 10 km from Serbia (“Bravo!”).

April 25

TAB-Crew added 50 km from Germany (“Reicht's jetzt für den Trip bis ins Rheinland? :-)”).
Cory added 2 km from USA (“Wanted to add a little so you don't get too bored this weekend! Keep going!!!!”).

April 24

Corrado added 10 km from Italy (#thegoatpack).
arsmedium group added 50 km from Germany (“Deine Scheine. Seine Beine. arsmedium wünscht frohes Radeln ;)”).

April 23

Stefano added 2 km from Italy (“Go!”).
Maren added 10 km from Germany (“Viel Spaß beim Radeln”).
Johanna added 10 km from Germany (“Go Flori!”).
Simi added 10 km from Germany (“Tu es!”).
Christina added 2 km from Germany (“Gib Gummi ;)!”).
Keule added 10km from Germany (“Diiiieeeeeeee!”).
Carina added 10 km from Germany ("Enjoy your ride :-)").
Bianca added 2 km from Germany ("Good luck!").
Sabrina added 2 km from Germany ("Have fun!").
Jens added 10 km from Germany ("Gib alles!").
Fabian added 10 km from Germany ("GO GO GO!").
Trailblog.de added 2 km from Germany ("Go Flo!").
Stoff added 2 km from UK ("great effort!").

April 22

Anonymous added 50 km from Germany ("go Flo").
Dorit added 10km from Germany ("Go...might your muscles burn.").
John added 2 km from South Africa ("Honoured to be your teammate and for you to be part of this journey!").
Petra added 10 km from Germany ("One man's trash is another man's treasure").

April 21

David added 10 km from Northern Ireland/USA ("Flex those German calves! See you in Africa soon").

April 20

Anonymous added 10 km.
Alex added 10 km from Germany ("Beastmode!!!"). 

April 19

No votes/donations.

April 18

Dominik added 10 km from Germany
Sandra added 2 km from Germany
Nadja added 10 km from Germany ("!!!"). 
Sascha added 10 km from Germany ("Ich will Blut sehn").

April 17

Matthis added 10 km from Germany ("Gib Kette!"). 
Jim added 2x 10 km from USA ("You are EPIC").
Lucho added 50 km from USA.
Natalie added 10 km from Germany ("Verrrückt!").
Harald added 10 km from Germany ("Go! Go! Go!").
Anonymous added 2 km from South Africa.
Andrzej added 2 km from Poland.
Tim added 2 km from Germany.

April 16

Anonymous added 2 km from Germany.
Anonymous added 2 km from Germany.
Florian added 2 km from Germany.


Total votes: 42
Distance to cover: 796 km (199 per day)
Distance covered: 703 km
Donations overall: 1620 EUR (R 23 885)
Donations today: 20 EUR (R 294)
Contributing countries: 8



A bunch of frequently asked questions


Who are you? What is this?

My name is Florian Holstein from Nuremberg, Germany. I'm just a regular guy, a wannabe runner/cyclist who wants to take his training to the next level and help to make the world a better place: You decide how long I need to ride the next few days by donating a small amount to a certain charity organisation. Which will help you to feel good. I suffer on the bike. Which will help me to feel good ... in a very different way. Everyone wins. I'm not sitting on my butt waiting for donations – I promise I'm working as hard as I can.

Wait ... where does the money go to?

I'm not doing this for myself, to get rich or to even cover my costs. The donations go 100% to Community Chest, a respected Charity organisation that I'm supporting since I stayed in South Africa last year. The money helps more than 220.000 people in local communities directly through welfare, education and health projects. No bullshit here – I'm not taking a single cent. Please contact me if you need to know more about the work that we are doing down there. You can also follow my transactions to Community Chest.

Why are you doing this?

You and I, we'll make the world a better place by collecting money to people in need. Plus: I love a good challenge. You'll entertain yourself by testing how much pain I can take. 

How will you proof you rode that far?

The question is a bit insulting. Of course I'll document the whole journey, right here on this page. The rides will be recorded and uploaded to Strava and I'm happy to provide any additional proof that is requested.

Are you training for something?

I'm currently training for the Unogwaja Challenge 2014 (end of May): Riding 1662km trough South Africa on the bike and a 89km run. All in 11 days.

What if people will go crazy and donate millions?

I believe that the internet is an awesome and slightly sadistic place and I'm stupid enough to challenge it. I'm totally prepared for this thing to go out of hand – that's the whole point. I can't promise I'll ride 5000km or something in 4 days, but I'll sit on my bike as long as it's possible. 

Seriously? This is stupid!
Are you crazy?

Yes, yes and yes.

What is the »Mordor Package«

This package is the best deal I can offer. 300km for 500 EUR (about 7000 ZAR). I hope it won't be voted on too often, otherwise this will be a looong weekend. It's called Mordor Package because it's fucking cruel.

Vote and donate 500 EUR

Can I only donate via credit card?


Yes, unfortunately. To guarantee absolute security I use an established provider (Squarespace) who handles the payments for me. This is very safe, but I can unfortunately only offer the Credit Card option.